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You are a Monarch

You and you alone govern your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. Because ultimately you are response-able for all of them. This response ability cannot be delegated or abdicated unto another human being. Even if they happen to peddle themselves as a monarch or oligarch over man, to be the authority or authors of morality, which merely signifies a prevaricated mental complex, or simply put; delusion.

Deluded is he/she whom proclaims to be a ruler over man’s decisions in life. For such thing is tenuous and intangible.

You come into life to make decisions, decisions which bear consequences, and those consequences are for the decider alone to undergo. Decisions are made in two ways: by doing what is right, and by way of free will. Indeed, free will is the requisite for doing what is right, but when the consequence of a choice is as apparent to the decider as 2+2=4, the choice becomes illusory, because the decider already knows what he/she has to do, because they understand the choice at hand. However, when the decider does not understand the choice; he/she cannot look beyond it, because he/she is void of the understanding of it’s consequence, the decider must apply their free will to attain experience.


Experience can be taught by making decisions, and experience can be taught by observing the decisions of others.

A person may have a great deal of information and not have a mind capable of extracting from that information the truly important point. A trained mind is one that profits from observing every activity of life, and no individual has a well-trained mind who cannot see in everything that happens around him/her some important lesson that will assist him/her to solve the problem of his/her own destiny. Every person should ask him/herself the question as he/she watches the panorama of life played out before him/her, “What does this mean to me, and how will it assist me to live better and to more intelligently the problems which confront me and those who are dependent upon me?” If a person does this he/she will realize how his/her own intelligence accepts into itself the precious experiences of other creatures, building with these experiences a deeper understanding of his/her own nature. A truly wise person learns from the experiences of others, for the imprudence of the other will become the prudence of yourself.

Imagine walking over a rocky surface. Perhaps you expect that the surface is solid and will not shift. If you expected firm ground, but found movement, you may stumble. When the ideas you are testing are wrong, your test will fail. Your intelligence helps you to adjust your thinking to better understand the principles of walking. You learn to control your balance in spite of the difficult terrain. You use your intelligence to test your new understanding, and soon you can traverse successfully and quickly. You are mastering principles.

Any time human beings put principles into action, they will feel power, excitement and joy. The realization of intelligence is what people seek. Some examples are a little child proudly showing his parents that he has learned to tie his shoes, or a student mastering an understanding of mathematics, or a husband and wife resolving an argument. These are the discovery of principles by the exercise of intelligence. Once we begin to appreciate our abilities and competencies to think and act efficiently for ourselves we start to develop self-esteem.

The application of intelligence to principle brings wisdom. Wisdom is the proper application of an accurate understanding of a principle, and the ability to communicate this comprehensive knowledge and understanding to ourselves and to others. You utilise the insights in the real world.


Freedom is another essential component that allows for this journey to transpire. Freedom is necessary. The destruction of freedom prevents people from using their own discernment. It prevents people from testing their understanding of principles. When we are not free to take steps, we cannot learn and we cannot grow. Love, prosperity and knowledge are all things that are only possible with freedom. Freedom brings everything good.

As a human being, the degree of freedom that you require is infinite. Freedom is the infinite value of the human being. If evil destroys freedom in any area of your life, it can limit your wisdom, your love, and your joy.

There are people who would destroy your freedom. They want to control you so that you cannot become the person you want to be. In order to control you, they use force to take away the liberty that you were born with.

You must never underestimate the prowess or cruelty of evil people. Evil will confiscate money, destroy virtue and spill blood. Most people are not evil; most people try to create and not to destroy. However, evil people do exist and they are extremely dangerous. They are called ‘authority.’


There is no ‘authority’ on earth that can rightfully govern your life.

Born to this world, you and you alone control your eyes, your ears, your tongue, your hands and your mind. All authority which claims to be able to dispose of you and your abilities is deceit.

You were born to this world so that you might have the free agency of life. Life is liberty. With your liberty and intelligence in this world, you can learn and do anything. Anyone who tells you that you must yield your mind, your body, or your possessions to ‘authority’ is evil.

Understand that choices made of your own free will are not evil. There is nothing wrong with sacrifice, if it is made willingly. But sacrifice without choice is not sacrifice, it is slavery. Authority always places demands on people by force. ‘Authority’ never asks permission.

They teach you through distorted ideas that you are not capable or worthy of living free. Authorities teach that other people can manage your life better than you can.

With a callous disregard for your worth, you are commanded to behave according to someone else’s ideas. The height of the danger can be seen in the extent to which these commands are commonly accepted as good. We know them as culture.

You will find such subterfuge everywhere you have value in your life. If something is valuable to you, you can be sure that someone, somewhere, is willing to take it from you. While they bear the same evil as the common thief, the methods of sophisticated culture are normally much, much more powerful.


Evil is not some mystical psychology of man, nor is it inherent in our natures.

As with all principles, the principle of evil is simple. Evil is the destruction of freedom. When free, you can build glory, peace, prosperity and joy into the world. Around you, you will find all these things. Men and women like you built these things.

Evil enslaves. Evil is found in words such as force, compulsion, tax, violence, theft, censure, and politics. Notice that in such things, there is no joy. None have any value to humanity.

Evil seeks to be a master over you. Evil wants you to be a slave.

What we consider as real “slavery” is indeed only one form of slavery. The African slaves in the United States were compelled to work and toil for other people’s benefit. Their lives were mostly controlled for the benefit of the master, but they had some very limited freedoms. Some were able to create distinct traditions and maintain families. They did their best to build joy into their lives despite the tyranny wrought upon them.

Because they were in control of portions of their lives, were they free? How much freedom does a person deserve? How much freedom can be destroyed before we recognize that it is evil? 1% slavery is still slavery, the same way 99% slavery is still slavery.

Slavery is not a concept of totality. Slavery exists wherever the freedom of man is destroyed.

In history, African natives, Jews and many others have experienced lifelong slavery. The ultimate slavery is murder. Slavery stops people from being able to make choices for their own lives.

Everything that restricts your mind, your movements and your speech is evil. Slavery is found in both the partial and complete destruction of freedom.

Evil compels you to behave in manners that do not benefit you or those you love. Culture and law exercise overwhelming force in the name of propriety and public good. They destroy freedom, and put human lives under other people’s control.

You were born to this world with sovereignty over your mind and over your life. Your abilities to think, to feel, to learn and to love are your liberty. In you, these capacities are infinite. You have infinite worth.

Evil seeks to destroy your liberty. It seeks to be in authority over you. It does not want you to have liberty.

The implementation of evil is called authority. Authorities are what evil implements as it exercises control over the lives of people. Authority limits your ability to learn, to think, to feel, to love and to grow. This is why authority is evil.

Evil is implemented by force in the lives of people. Evil wants you to obey its authority. It uses the weapons of violence on everyone who will not obey. It uses the weapons of culture to sustain whatever obedience it manages to achieve.


Your physical body allows you to exercise principles over every aspect of reality. With it, you have the tools necessary to interact with the physical world. Physicality greatly enables you; it is a gift of pure freedom.

People obey authority when they are subjected to violence. Violence threatens your physical body. It threatens your interaction with the physical world. People who are subjected to violence are compelled to obey because they want to protect the freedom that their bodies bring to them. Pain and mutilation limit your ability to interact with your world. Death destroys your freedom completely.

The lie of tyranny is that you will maintain the freedom of life by obeying authority. The choices it offers you are a lifetime of obedience or death. Evil is the master of deceit. The objective of evil is not violence, but obedience.

The purpose of violence is to compel obedience. Its design is the destruction of freedom. Whether submitting to authority and obeying, or allowing it to destroy you physically, you will have lost your freedom. The only way to maintain freedom is to fight tyranny at all times and at all costs.


Democracies create the enemy of true freedom in the same pattern by controlling speech. It becomes immoral to suggest that one could break the law; it does not matter which law, or what it says. Nobility is placed on the payment of taxes no matter how much they demand of you. It is the highest form of cultural propriety to obey the law, regardless of what it says. The enemy is true freedom, which is bastardised through the association with chaos, wherein no individual is safe, because ‘everyone is untrustworthy, malicious, and nasty when free.’ In order to save you from chaos, you yield authority to the law; you obey. Evil is not after the destruction of chaos, it is after you. If you can see the tyranny in a culture that demands that you obey, no matter what is asked of you and no matter who writes the laws, then you are beginning to understand the nature of evil. Everything that is evil teaches you that you have limited worth.

Democracies are based on the rule of law. The rule of law is the single most dangerous idea ever inflicted upon mankind. The net teaching of this idea is that you are to obey the law, not because of its merits or its morality. You are to obey only because it is the law. It is assumed that even if the law is wrong, then it is right to follow because it supports the system, and the system is more important than you.

In order for an intelligent person to choose what is right, they must know who is asking obedience of them, they must consider why it is being asked, and what it is they are being asked to do. Only then can they decide for themselves if it is right. This is not what authority wants. Authority is not concerned with you doing what is right, it is only concerned with obedience.

Culture teaches that the nature of the law and what it asks you to do are irrelevant. Culture teaches that obedience is propriety. Culture teaches that when law is created it becomes morality.

Law is a weapon. It is used by evil to attack its prey. Whether in the name of duty to king, loyalty to state, or rule of law, law is the weapon used to extort and control. Culture upholds the nobility of law. Culture teaches that law is proper and good. It never questions who wrote the law; tyrant and neighbour are the same. Culture never questions whether or not the law is right. You are to obey no matter what it says. In this fashion, law is a powerful weapon to be used against you. All principalities create volumes of laws that take lifetimes to understand and armies of lawyers to manipulate. All of these things are weapons in the hands of the powerful, which they will use at your expense.

Law holds value only to those who create it, and only because your culture demands that you obey it. The purest invitation to tyranny is your commitment to obey law regardless of what it says. Against you, the law becomes the perfect weapon. Whomever controls the law, controls you. Your worth is measured by the extent of your obedience.

There are times when authority must revert to violence in order to maintain obedience.

There will always be a small minority who refuse to obey the tenets of cultural law. Because of this, authorities employ a constant stream of violence known as law enforcement, or police. These are not police in the defense of liberty, but police in the defense of authority. Cultures always teach that liberty and authority are one and the same; but the design of police is to wield the weapons of violence in the preservation of authority, not to defend liberty.

Authority must also employ violence when cultures break down. Throughout history, people have slowly and steadily learned more and more about their own worth, and hence demanded more and more freedom. Different cultures have fallen as people realized that culture is a lie. When cultures begin to break down, it is because people are learning about their value. Such cultures and the authorities they protect are doomed.

Monarchy and Anarchy

You are a monarch (from the Greek Mono; One, single. And the Greek Archon; ruler) You are the one ruler of self. Outside of yourself, you are an Anarch (from the Greek An; without. And the Greek Archon; ruler). Anarchy does not mean “without rules”, for the precepts of the Universe, the Laws of Nature shall be the whole of the Law. Initiate no harm unto another sentient being, and do as you please. Anarchy means living without rulers, without authorities, without authors of morally relative whims and preferences that are complied with due to fear of punishment, whilst the Laws of Nature are harmonised with through an application of intelligence to principle. You rule yourself, and live in harmony with the other monarchs over themselves. No being rules and dominates the other.

The Monarch Butterfly

The butterfly was accepted as a symbol of the soul, because the soul passes through three stages. Physical, mental, and spiritual regeneration. Similarly, the three stages of the butterfly are the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and the regenerated winged moth. In alchemical terminology, The caterpillar is the symbol of salt, the butterfly of sulphur, and the chrysalis (the intermediate stage) symbolises mercury. The unregenerated man is the caterpillar. In order to solve the problem of his life, he enters into contemplation and deep introspection, which is the chrysalis stage, during which time the men of India retreat to their caves to remain in darkness working out the mystery of their destiny. This is an allegory for working with the shadow material of self, which subconsciously impedes the decider in doing what is right, or in doing anything at all. At last victorious the man comes out of his cave, regenerated and spiritualized by his introspection and contemplation of self. He has made for himself a pair of blue and red wings which are called intuition and reason, and with these facets the newborn monarch butterfly sails upward to the source of light. A beautiful allegory that teaches the reader about the need for Self-respect. Self, yourself; Re-, again; Spect, to look at; to look at yourself again and to understand your true worth, which is infinite.