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Who Is ‘Satan’ Really?

One way or another, many have been acquainted with the story of the notorious Christian character named ‘Satan.’ Despite the paucity in people’s knowledge when it comes to the Christian allegory, they entertain the notion that these stories are literal, and are based on actual point of fact reality. Still, everyone has been at odds with this claim in one way or another. It just doesn’t make sense. Because the story is in fact not a literal story, but a symbolic one. A simple translation of the Christian allegory will tell us what the Satan character actually represents.


The name ‘Satan’ is derived from the Hebrew generic noun: śāṭān (Hebrew: שָׂטָן) which means “opposer” or “adversary”. In general it is referring to the state of inversion. It is alluding to the force which creates duality. Hence the symbol of the goat with opposing horns that represent duality.


When I speak of dualism in the current point in time, I must make it clear that I am not referring to the synthetic version of ‘dualism’ and ‘non-dualism’ which is promulgated by the ‘New Age movement.’ Duality is a word, the feelings that it arouses and circumscribe it are irrelevant, what matters is the connection that the word implies. And the connection that duality implies paradoxically borders a state of disconnection. A state of disconnectedness within oneself (the Microcosm) and the world around us (the Macrocosm).

The Microcosm

The State of disconnectedness (Satan) is present within oneself. What does this mean? It means that we as conscious individuals (in; not, dividual; able to be divided. An individual cannot be divided) have become corrupted in the way we think, the way we feel, and the way we act. The triune nature of man; our Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. Our intrinsic and intended state is consistency, as we think, so we feel, and so we act. A Congruence, a harmony in mind.

Enter Satan, the force that comes and divides. ‘it’s’ choice creates division in the way we think, feel, and act. Now keep in mind that this is merely an occurrence that is given a humanlike persona with the name ‘Satan’, this is not about a spiritual entity literally entering your mind and distorting it, it is a symbolic depiction. From whence the problem reveals itself, people want to abdicate their own defiance with themselves unto some mythical creature, to convince themselves that they are not at fault, but someone else is. The notion that something else is causing them to do so, when in fact, they themselves make the choice to contravene what they know and feel to be right and choose to do the exact opposite.

The Beast

The beast has been given the number ‘666.’ What does this number actually mean symbolically?
6 is the number of incompleteness, falling short of true completeness. 6 is presented three times, this is referring to the triune nature of man, our Thoughts, our Emotions, and our Actions. Many people have become a 6 in Thought, a 6 in Emotion, and a 6 in Action. The Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions are in a state of internal opposition and this represents that people don’t do what they know to be right, and they avoid what their compassion (compass) is telling them. People just act, often immorally, even when they know and feel that it is wrong to do so. Bereft of any rationality or care, like beasts, which why it is called the number of the beast. Most people are not in a state of knowledge, but in state of ignorance and folly, people are not in a state of true care, but in a state of apathy, and people are not active in doing what they know and feel is right, but they are passive, lazy, and cowardly. This is the true definition of the number of the beast.

When all three components of consciousness are no longer in a state of internal contradiction, and work together in unison, they go from a 6 to a 7, which represents completeness. Going from an internally contradicted 666 to a balanced 777. Not being in a state of duality within yourself anymore. As you think, so you feel, and so you act (true non-dualism).

Remember your true self (Re; again, member; part. Bring together the parts that define you, once again)

Speaking of remembering, do you remember when I referred to ‘it’s choice?’ What is ‘it?’ Let us add the number 666 to itself (6+6+6) and we will get 18. When we add up 1 and 8 (1+8), we get 9. The number 9 is the number of the ego, the ego that is in control of ourselves. The ego that is sitting in the command post and is making decisions for us, instead of us making decisions for it. Akin to being possessed, pun intended.

Using the Numerological principle of Gematria Reduction we shall see that when you add 9 to anything, it will add nothing. Hence, When you add ego, it adds nothing.

1+9=10(1+0) =1

Likewise, when you multiply by 9, it will always return to 9. The ego always looks back at itself.


Conversely, when we add the number 777 to itself (7+7+7), we get 21. When we add up 2 and 1 (2+1), we get 3. The threefold nature of our consciousness, the Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions working together in unison. As you think, so you feel, and so you act.

The Tree of Right and Wrong

What is the tree of right and wrong? It is the tree that belongs to the arbiter of the objective definition of Right and Wrong (God, the Universe). The Universe created the law of consequence. Right behaviour is an act that does not result in harm unto another sentient being, Wrong behaviour is an act that does result in harm unto another sentient being. This is the objective definition of Right and Wrong behaviour, and if we do not let our ego divide us from it, we can know it to be so by way of our conscience (from the Latin noun con; together, and the Latin verb scire; to know. To know together).

It is an allegory, a metaphor, which is telling you that when you eat from the tree of right and wrong you are perceiving yourself to be the arbiter of morality. You decide what right and wrong is based on your own whims and preferences. (Moral relativism).

The snake (Satan, the ego) persuades Eve (the sacred feminine; our Emotions) to eat from the tree of Right and Wrong first. This is a reference to our ego persuading our emotions to make up the definition of Right and Wrong for ourselves, according to our own likes and preferences, to make it serve the ego in the way it sees fit (Moral Relativism). Thenceforth, Eve tries to convince Adam (The sacred masculine; our Actions) to eat from the tree of Right and Wrong (to actually decide what is Right and what is Wrong in the way we see fit). The ego persuades us to make up what is Right and Wrong, instead of understanding that its definition has been decided by the Creator, God, The Universe itself, to whom this tree belongs. Right and Wrong are decided by the Universe, and not by man. The inadvertent result of man deciding what is Right and what is Wrong can be seen in our society, which largely embraces Moral Relativism. Governments pass ‘laws’ day after day, which are not harmonised with, but are complied with through the fear of punishment, that they will harm you, steal from you, abduct you, and imprison you, or murder you if you defy their arbitrary decrees. People have eaten from the tree of Right and Wrong by participating in and advocating for man’s arbitrary and synthetic whims of Right and Wrong, by voting for them and by enforcing them. Fate as it seems, is not without a sense of irony, because the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

The Macrocosm

Satan was God’s brightest star in the predawn sky, before the dawn of Jesus as the brightest star, the light of the world. What was this actually about? It was the Ancients who described the war between the two lights in the heavens, the two lights were Venus (the brightest star in the predawn sky) and the Sun/Son (the light of the world) in space (the heavens). Once the Sun (the Son, Jesus) appears, Venus (Satan) competes with it to be the “most high,” but due to its path, it sinks below the horizon, or is “cast out of heaven.” It stays below the horizon, or in the “underworld,” until the time of year when it rises again in the evening.

Venus has also been named Lucifer, the morning star. This term has also been bastardised and grossly misunderstood. The Latin word ‘Lucifer’ comes from the word ‘lux,’ which means “light,” hence the ‘Luxor’ is the “light ore, the ore of the Sun.” ‘Lux’ is combined with the word ‘ferre,’ which is “to bear or bring.” Therefore ‘Lucifer’ means “the bearer or bringer of the light.” Venus is the brightest star in the predawn sky, therefor it was described by the ancients as Lucifer, the bearer of light.

This was a story that the ancients talked about and spread around. They spoke of how they saw this event take place in the sky. They eventually gave it names and personas, because man’s ego can more easily take in this idea of a personal story. And the same story was was retold with different names and faces throughout history and up to the present time. They are stories that depict what is happening within us, and around us. The greatest story ever told.

The trap set by the ventriloquist is that you read these stories as literal occurrences, in order to dissuade you from the understanding that this is a story about you, and the world you live in. They pervert this truth with venomous lies such as arrogance and blasphemy if one were to read the stories for what they actually hold within them, an allegory. They do not want you to understand yourself and how the world works, in which you can solve the problems within yourself and within others. Because you recognise the real problem, the cause. Along comes the “New Age Movement’ telling you not to look at the negative, the problem. Which is intended to dissuade you from being able to solve the problem by your recognition of it. Knowing the cause, knowing the ‘Why’ is power, the power to affect change for eternity. They do not want you to have this power. These are evil men who want you to believe that you have no power to affect change in reality, instead they want you to believe that the power is outside of yourself and they want you to fervently hope for its coming, until the system has exploited and done away with you when you lie ‘6’ feet under ground or until you realise that you have been duped.