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Good Will

Remember the film ‘Good Will Hunting?’ The film was centred around a person named Will Hunting. Most would say that he was a very cerebral individual, because he was very verbose, he could solve equations in a Nick of time, but does that mean that he was intelligent? It certainly qualifies for the title of being ‘intellectual’, but he was by no means holistically intelligent. But wait? Aren’t they the same?

Allow me to clarify the distinction between intellect and intelligence.


Being Intellectual is possessing the overall accoutrements provided by our left-brain hemisphere. Such as analysis, algorithms, logic, language, etc.

It is amazing to have such skills under your belt, but once you have it, then what? What is going to be the driving force for such accoutrements. What is going to be their generator? For if we don’t Care about doing anything righteous with knowledge, it stays in the realm of knowledge. Knowledge has to be processed through an accurate Understanding, and has to be converted into right action, i.e. Wisdom. To know and not to do is not to know.

Will Hunting is a perfect example. He didn’t really care about the consequences of his actions. He went through life very unceremoniously and had no intentions of improving the world condition we are living in today. Therefor he isn’t holistically intelligent, but can be described as an intellectual.

Simply put, having an intellectual capacity, but being lackadaisical with it, and using it as a means to your own ends, instead of using it for the betterment of the world and the beings that live on it, doesn’t make you intelligent. Intelligence requires the facets of the right brain, such as intuition, spirituality, and compassion, to pillar your intellect.


If we break down the word intelligence, we can see that it is made up of intellect and ‘gence’. What does ‘gence’ mean you might ask. ‘Gence’ stands for Generating, generating is an esoteric principle that is related to Care. So in unison, it is ‘intellect’ combined with ‘Care’, which generates intelli-gence.

Said terms are very esoteric in their nature, for without the activation of True Care, Good Will, and the Mind, the individual can become easily misguided through Emotional control. For emotions are mostly in the hands of frivolous materialistic desires, pursuing status, and so on. and people are given a proxy for Care in physical forms like ‘Money’ (From the Greek Mono; One + ey, One Eye). Subliminally it replaces the search and care for truth (Love) for a means (money) to pointless ends (the mundane).

I find it to be synchronistic that his first name was Will, which is what drives our actions. But if Will is not supported by True Care, it does the very things we mentioned before, it goes through life lacking any Care or Heart based Intelligence and Compassion (the Compass, to do the right thing with what you know). He had the Good Will to seek knowledge, but to what ends? Nothing significant in the betterment of the world, As displayed in the movie. And so a bunch of slow-witted individuals throughout the movie tried to persuade him to pursue frivolous ends with his intellectual means. Trying to gain status by participating in contests, making money, or to become a tool be exploited by the State’s Intelligence Agencies and to be a coppertop for their agendas.

The Good Will is Hunting for Knowledge with his Intellect, but without being accompanied by the principle of Care, the generative principle, it fails in life. Which is why he went after Skylar.

Skylar’s phone number was ‘555-1294’. Using the Numerological principle of Gematria Reduction, this becomes ‘6-7’. Going from a 6 to a 7, going from incompleteness to completeness, departing from apathy and initiating True Care within the individual.

To know and not to do, is not to know

If you possess essential knowledge that can be used to guide people out of the darkness (the absence of knowledge) and into the light (the presence of knowledge), you have a responsibility to shine that light everywhere you can. To be a mentor, a teacher, a guide for others who are in need of such knowledge about themselves and the world they live in.

During times of universal deceit and subjugation, speaking the truth becomes a moral imperative for those who possess it. Heedless of the dangers that are brought forth by those who persecute them.

By an act of Good Will and True Care will one end the grotesqueries of oppression, by intelligent means, and not by secular friction. Self-defence provides temporary relief from oppression, intelligence can bring forth ever lasting peace and freedom.

Using Intellect in combination with True Care (the care for truth) for the benefit of what is Right, makes you holistically intelligent.